2000年、多摩美術大学大学院諸材料専攻在籍中より、Artist/Designerとして制作活動を開始。彫刻的 アプローチで、対極である天然素材と新素材を扱い装飾的な装身具やオブジェ等を制作。国内外の ミュージシャンや、CM、広告等の衣装・アクセサリー・ヘッドドレス制作や企業のプロモーションの ディレクションや様々なアート展に参加するなど、多くのクリエーションに携わっている。
KiNG started working as an artist/designer since 2000, when she was still a Master’s student in Sculpture/Mixed Media at Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan.
Incorporating the sculptural approach to the mixed use of contrasting, natural and new materials, KiNG creates various decorative ornaments, outfits and objects.
Her works includes the creation of jewelries and head dresses for domestic and international musicians, commercials and advertisement, direction of corporate promotions, and participation to a variety of art exhibitions.
11歳 書道展で内閣総理大臣賞を受賞
14歳 スケートボード、サーフカルチャーを通しグラフィティーに影響を受ける
16歳 ハワイ留学
17歳 ”KiNG”としての創作活動をスタート
1996 多摩美術大学、彫刻学科諸材料専攻にて現代アートを学ぶ
1999 ”南蛮渡来の伯爵”、 “椅子になった王様”シリーズを発表
2000 大学院修士課程、石井厚男教室在学中に、松任谷由美さんのLive衣装、特殊装飾を担当
その後、エンターテイメント業界で自身のアートを昇華させるべくコスチュームデザインを担当 <MISIA,SMAP,EXILE,浜崎あゆみ etc…>
2011 KiNGカスタムをスタート
2014 KiNGカスタムアパレルラインを発表。香港”JOYCE”での取り扱いがスタート。
2016 中国天津に旗艦店”KiNG"をOPEN。台湾”Legend Agape”での取り扱いがスタート。
Since childhood, she decided to live with her art works.
11 years old : winning a prize Prime Minister’s Award for Calligraphic exhibition.
14 years old : Got influenced works of art “graffiti” through salute boarding and surf culture.
16 years old : Studying in Hawaii.
17 years old : Carrying out creative activities with the artist name “KING”.
1996, Studying modern art with the major sculpture department various materials at Tama Art University.
In1999, Publishing the series work “Earl of imported to Japan by early European traders” and “King who became a chair”.
In 2000, While getting bachelor’s degree from professor Atsuo Ishii, had been taking charge of special costume for Japanese singer song writer “Yumi Matsutoya”.
After that charging of costume design to improve skills of art in entertainment industry such as singer “Ayumi Hamasaki”, “MISIA” and boys groups “SMAP”, “EXILE” and so on.
In 2011, Started own creative works KING custom.
In 2014, Announced KING custom apparel line and was started to handle it by “JOYCE” in Hong Kong.
In 2016, Opened the flag shop “KING” in Tianjin China and have stared to handle by “Legend Agape” in Taiwan.
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